29. August 2018
Latvian Teachers Explore the Forest in a Summer Camp

Latvian Teachers Explore the Forest in a Summer Camp

3. August 2018

Czecho-Slovak Forest Camp recalled the common traditions of Czech and Slovak forestry

30. June 2018

Norway’s largest outdoor event for children

8. June 2018

Knowledge and spirit of competition meet in the forest game

28. May 2018

Report about the UNECE / FAO Forest Communicators Network – Annual Meeting

21. May 2018

Invitation to 13th European Forest Pedagogics Congress 2018

15. May 2018

Forest Management Centre invites teachers to cooperate

7. May 2018

Finnish curriculum supports teachers to learn outside the classroom

3. April 2018

Train your senses – mindfulness in the forest

28. March 2018

Forest Quiz takes Fins out into the forest

16. March 2018

The Handbook for Learning and Play in the Forest – useful tool for outdoor activities

7. March 2018

Call for participation – “European Summer School – Creating Forest Experiences”

28. February 2018

BDF – Working group „Forest Pedagogics in German speaking Area“

15. January 2018

Subgroup is getting “action plan” into motion

8. January 2018

13th European Forest Pedagogics Congress 2018

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15. December 2017

Learning outside the classroom – the forest pedagogy of the 21th Century

5. December 2017

A tree app to identify species

9. November 2017

The 12th European Forest Pedagogics Congress 2017

2. November 2017

Forest kindergarden “Explora Cuvete”

1. November 2017

Forest pedagogy activities in Croatia: project “School in the Forest and a Forest in the School”