Forestry days in a “new dress”…
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6. July 2020
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27. October 2020

Forestry days in a „new dress“ ...

Author: Dagmar Selešová, National Forest Centre, Slovakia

T his special year brought non-traditional solutions into our lives, atypical realizations of our activities, their forms and also deadlines. It so happened that the 14th year of Forestry Days event in Zvolen, Slovakia, got a new form and a new date.

We usually met in Zvolen Square to celebrate the work of foresters and the forest every April.

Everything is different this year - Forestry Days have moved to the Museum of Forestry and Wood Technology Zvolen in the form of an interactive exhibition in the autumn term.

The authors of the exhibition - forest pedagogues Dana Chlpošová and Veronika Jaloviarová from National Forest Centre Zvolen - were inspired by the theme of the International Forest Day "Forests and biodiversity ... Too rare to lose them" with the idea to reach the head, hands and heart.

The dominant feature of the exhibition is the very name formed by large wooden letters BIODIVERSITY. Its size indicates how wide and numerous biodiversity is in nature. Try to find an element occurring in nature for each letter of the word b-i-o-d-i-v-e-r-s-i-t-y.... Other topics at the exhibition are very interesting also – what does it mean forest ecosystem, close-to-nature forest management, forest ecosystem services or climate change .. It is very important to highlight the role of people in the forest - the work of foresters and forest pedagogues as well , who spread the message of the forest to future generations. A small memory is dedicated to Ladislav Alcnauer - an important Slovak forester, who devoted his entire forestry life to the forest and promoting close-to-nature forest management.

The exhibition is suitably complemented by artifacts from the museum, connects life in the past with the present, emphasizes the importance of the forest and its products in our lives. Part of the exhibition is focused on forest pedagogy activities through interactive objects - a spatial model of the forest, forest paths, wooden puzzles, etc. The activities are prepared mainly for children, school groups and the visit of exposition could be good inspiration for forest pedagogues.

The exhibition was opened on September 4, 2020 by Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development of the Slovak Republic with participation of state administration representatives, mayor of the town Zvolen, representatives of the Technical University in Zvolen, state and non-state forestry organizations managers,.

It was prepared by National Forest Centre Zvolen, Slovakia in cooperation with state enterprise Forests of Slovak Republic. The exhibition is open to the public untill October 18, 2020.


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