FCN Subgroup

Forest Communication Network - Subgroup-Forest Pedagogics

Forest Related Environmental activities have been existing at national level in several European countries for the period of some months up to the duration of 30 years.

An initiative group between Austria and Germany has exist since 2005. Following this regional cooperation, a European-Forest-Pedagogic-Network of governmental representatives was founded in 2007.

In May 2008 this Network was combined with the Forest Communicators Network (FCN) and officially implemented as “FCN-Subgroup-Forest Pedagogics”. At the moment 13 states are cooperating.

Steering group

For external and internal coordination and communication the Subgroup is managed by a steering-group, which is consisting of five members. The five steering-group members will each take one of the following tasks. A close cooperation and information exchange in between the steering-group members is necessary and obligatory required.

The steering group is communicating their steps with and to all subgroup-members. In the subgroup-meeting in January 28th – 29th in Warsaw the following subgroup-members where elected unanimously for two years (A-D) respectively one year (E).

Members of the Steering Group


FP has a huge potential to contribute to the objectives of the EU-FAP.

There is high relevance to the objectives 2 and 3:

  • Improving and protecting the environment
  • Contributing to the quality of life

There is also a relevance to the objectives 4 and 1:

  • Fostering coordination and communication
  • Improving long-term competitiveness

The wealth of experiences made and lessons learned with FP in various countries provides an excellent basis for development further the concept and promoting it throughout the European region. The EU - Forest Action Plan particularly through its key action 10

  • Encourage environmental education and information

calls for specific activities in this regard.

The working programme (2007 – 2011) for the implementation of the FAP (key action 10) of the SFC (Standing Forestry Commission) covers the following two activities:

  • 10.1: Exchange experience between MS on environmental education and information campaigns
  • 10.2: Review activities of MS in promoting education on sustainable forest

The working programme (2007 – 2011) also indicates that the Forest Communicators network (FCN) should be the instrument to exchange views and report results into the SFC (AGFC). Therefore the FCN founded the FCN Subgroup Forest Pedagogics at its meeting in Bilbao, may 2008.


The Subgroup is developing a report concerning the following three working-fields and the respective measures.
The results are reported periodically to the FCN.
The FCN has the task to report the results and findings to the SFC and the AGFC.


Baschny Thomas



BMLFUW (Ministry of Live) IV 3
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Ana Fornažar


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Model Forest „River Mirna Basin“ association
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Lenka Pondělíčková Levá

Czech Republic

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Levá Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic Forestpedagogy
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Kristi Parro


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Forest Discovery Centre Burfelt
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Bjørnstad Bjørn Helge


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Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE)
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Anna Pikus


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Centrum Informacyjne Lasów Panstwowch
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Wiktor Naturski


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Forest Educators Association
Stowarzyszenie Edukatorów Leśnych
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Rudolf Navrátil


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NATIONAL FOREST CENTRE - Institute for Forest Consulting and Education
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Rolf Jucker


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Sally York

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Forestry Commission
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