1st European Forest Pedagogics Congress

Hungary, Sopron 20. – 22. September 2006


The development of  forestpedagogics in Europe was, main topic of the first international forestpedagogics convention which took place in the forest environmental centre of the Hungarian town Sopron (Ödenburg) from September 20th to 22nd 2006.

Representatives from eight European countries introduced their concepts and discussed the chances of  forestpedagogics in a Europe growing together.

A "career in the administration" certified Dr. Albert Knieling, head of department in the Austrian life ministry, to  forestpedagogics in his lecture "forestpedagogics as a part of the European forest policy". So far forestpedagogics is represented on pan-European only indirectly  as a component of few resolutions and at UN level  not at all. On an EU-level Ii is mentioned in the forest action plan for the years 2007-2011 and in the advice ordinance " development of rural area ". At a national level forestpedagogics appeared in all sorts of programmes  since the first mention in 1990. The forest action plan (were forestpedagogics is on of 18 prior actions) now enables the networking of forestpedagogics within the European area as well as its elaboration.  The member countries have now the opportunity to realize forestpedagogical measures . This might happen within the context of national plans for the development of the rural area, for example. “We get hold of it "  he appealed to the conference participants. Knieling held the opinion that the career of the forestpedagogics will go on. He critically examined the present publicity of  forestpedagogics in economy and politics. Particularly  concerning the information stand of political decision makers he sees the necessity to improvement . Knieling sees deficits also in the previous political lobby work, which does not exceed a regional level due to a very individual appearance of the protagonists and insufficient networking resp.  organisation .

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