Travelling sustainably – highly recommended!
Think climate change out of the box- make forest change a tangible experience for students
29. March 2022
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4. May 2022

Travelling sustainably – highly recommended!
We have tried and tested it!

Author: Fondation SILVIVA, Switzerland

H Autumn 2018: By train and ferry to the European Forest Pedagogics Congress 2018 in Finland: 45h50 min on the journey, changing trains 11 times and finding the most beautiful SILVIVA workplace of the year...

... on the ferry between Stockholm and Turku (Finland): sitting in a comfortable armchair, writing a text on the laptop and watching the archipelago pass by in the background. This is how to work well, productively and beautifully – and to travel sustainably.

Based on a decision we took in the team, the SILVIVA delegation travelled to the annual European Forest Pedagogics Congress by public transport. The reactions of the other conference participants: "What? You travelled by train?" led to answers like "What? You didn't travel by train?" or "Right, I wonder why. Climate change is just made up anyway..."

This year, *you* can find your most beautiful place to work on the journey to Zurich. At long last you will find the time to read all the articles that are piling up on your desk. Or take your time to think through and write down the new "net zero" concept for your organisation. Or for the very first time arrive at a congress perfectly prepared because you read all the blogposts on the congress in Zurich. Or... yes, what will your journey to this year's Forest Pedagogics Congress be like? What will you do in this time given to you?

People complain about the fact that sustainable travel takes time – but this time is just the impact, made visible and tangible, that our ‘normal’ modes of travelling are inflicting on our climate.

In short, there are many advantages to travelling to the Forest Pedagogics Congress by train. It is meaningful and cool and this year it is even financially worth it. We will be able to fund the following (per person):

  • Up to CHF 400.- (ca. 390.- Euro) for the journey if ecological means of transport are used (no cars, unless fully occupied, and no flights).
  • Up to CHF 87.- (ca. 85.- Euro) per night for an overnight stay
It is mandatory that you pre-finance the expenses and keep the receipts.

We look forward to hearing your stories in Zurich and to reading your travel and work plans here in the comments. See you soon in Zurich!

Another example of "sustainable mobility": (German or French): The team of SILVIVA uses the time on the train from Zurich to Hamburg for a team meeting. Do what the SILVIVA Foundation does: stop flying and use the time on the train to work, for example. The centre of excellence for learning with nature exemplifies what green mobility can look like.

SILVIVA offers nature-based environmental education and forest education. The foundation participates in further education projects all over Europe, but tries to reduce the environmental impact of its mobility projects.

"At SILVIVA we travel by train in Europe. This often results in long train journeys where an intensive exchange with the team members travelling with us is possible. We took advantage of this, for example, when we travelled together from Zurich to Hamburg or to Copenhagen," explains Rolf Jucker, Managing Director. "The train was converted into a meeting room. There were even post-it notes and flipcharts stuck to the windows!"

And how do you make your mobility project more ecological?

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