14 Engaging photos from 14thForest Pedagogics Congress in Latvia
14thEuropean Forest Pedagogics Congress in Latvia
19. July 2019
Forest pedagogy in the Czech Republic in 2018
27. August 2019

14 Engaging photos from 14thForest Pedagogics Congress in Latvia

Author: Līga Abizāre, Renāte Ribaka, JSC “Latvia’s State Forests

14th European Forest Pedagogics Congress took place in Riga and Tērvete from 1 to 4 July. It was organized by JSC “Latvia’s State Forests” (LVM) in cooperation with international Forest Communicators Network – Subgroup Forest Pedagogics, the National Centre for Education and Riga Technical University (RTU). Designing bridges between forest and schools was the motto for the congress. Here goes a short photo report of 14 bright moments of the 14th Forest Pedagogics congress!

In total 167 participants from 18 countries joined the congress in Latvia, greeted with the taste of local tree candies.
Participants met for welcome dinner by the Baltic sea in Latvia’s State forests to celebrate Latvian nature.
The first task of the participants was to find on the coastline the legendary byproduct of Baltic pines - amber.
Congress participants got to know Pigman – the symbol of JSC “Latvia’s State Forests” campaign “Don’t litter in the forest!”
Building bridges between forest and schools was encouraged by healthy discussions in Riga Technical University.
Theory was brought outdoors during various workshops as outdoors is the best classroom.
Teachers futher education courses were held also during the congress. More than 50 Latvian teachers joined.
Woodworking served as one of the tools for an engaging lesson.
On arrival at LVM nature park in Tērvete everyone got to cross a wooden bridge that serves also a real-life laboratory.
Market of activities included the possibiliby to build wooden bridges without the use of nails or other tools!
Latvian foresters presented an interactive forest management planning tool.
Puzzle pieces were just like ideas: brought together to make up a bigger picture.
During the closing ceremony everyone got to sing and dance to nature themed Latvian folk songs.
Looking forward to other bright moments of forest pedagogics and next congress in Luxembourg!

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