Forest pedagogy in the Czech Republic in 2018
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25. July 2019
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Forest pedagogy in the Czech Republic in 2018

Author: Lada Matoušková Prylová, Forest Management Institute, Czech Republic

  • more than 330 thousand children experienced forest pedagogy
  • on average 9 events every day
  • 81 % of events in the forest

Most events take place directly in the forest where the forester would prepare forest pedagogy programme lasting from 2 to 4 hours for one school class. There were more than 2.5 thousand of these “typical” events organized by forest pedagogues that were attended by over 97 thousand children, young people and other target groups.

Another type of activities includes events connected with various exhibitions and trade fairs or with for example Days of Earth. In fact, the events represent a sort of tasting of forest pedagogy and an invitation to a typical, several hours lasting event in the forest. In 2018, forest pedagogues participated in more than 600 of such forest education events, which were attended by more than 234 thousand persons.

Novel in the last years are forest camps. In 2018, forest pedagogues organized six 1-week camps.

Some of these events were held within the Forest Week (14−18 May, 2018). Forest weeks have been organized in the Czech Republic since 2008 when the European Forest Week launched forest education events for the wide public. In the Czech Republic, the Forest Weeks have at all times a common theme. The theme of 2018 was “Forest is our Workplace” to introduce various activities carried out in the forest. Foresters use the Forest Weeks to raise the general concern of public in forest, forestry and wood as a renewable raw material.

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