Subgroup is getting “action plan” into motion
13th European Forest Pedagogics Congress 2018
8. January 2018
BDF – Working group „Forest Pedagogics in German speaking Area“
28. February 2018

Subgroup is getting “action plan” into motion

I n autumn 2017 the FCN-subgroup published their first version of the “Common Strategy on Forestpedagogy in Europe”. The working paper includes an “action plan” with objectives and related measures, that should be taken to develop Forestpedagogy in Europe further. For the period 2017-2019 the subgroup agreed upon priority for the the following three objectives:

“Political awareness of Forestpedagogy in EU educational and cultural sector has increased”

“Forestpedagogy is an educational process to reach environmental maturity and Forestpedagogy is a prime example for ESD”

“Common quality standards of Forestpedagogy programs are elaborated”

With view to the first objective the Subgroup was able to contribute for some sessions of the IUFRO – world congress in Freiburg 2017 where more than 2000 forest-scientists from 125 nations participated (see news from oct. 2nd). Beneath this, the Annual European Forestpedagogy Congress developed as an outstanding and innovative conference with high political interest. The second objective was supported especially with the subgroups concept of the “6 steps for environmental maturity”, concepted in Norway and the so called “quality tool” developed in Switzerland (see news from march 1st and oct. 17th) fostered the third urgent objective.

From 12th to 13th of February 2018 the FCN-Subgroup will meet in Freising / Bavaria at the Bavarian Forest Institute to discuss on further steps for setting the action plan into practice.

The main tasks of the FCN-Subgroup is, to establish Forestpedagogy as a recognized part of Education for Sustainable Development. Therefore we try to get more and more states in Europe and especially their forest administrations, their state forest enterprises and their forest owners associations inspired and fascinated with forest environmental education. The awareness about the necessity of Forestpedagogy for the Forest-sector must rise – and the strategy with its action plan contributes to this means.


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