The Climate caravan “Forest in a cart” – the new tool used by the Bulgarian forest pedagogues. – Bulgaria
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15. November 2021
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The Climate caravan “Forest in a cart” - the new tool used by the Bulgarian forest pedagogues.

Author: Anna Petrakieva, Vitosha Nature Park, Bulgaria

I n the special time of COVID pandemic, the Bulgarian forest pedagogues found a new way to reach their youngest target group – kids from kindergarten and primary schools. With the support of “Gorichka” association and the Union of Bulgarian Foresters a small van was equipped and accommodated for the needs of Forest pedagogues. In the times when nearly all group activities were banned and it was impossible to take kids to forests we decided to bring the forests to the classrooms.

The initiative named “Forest in a cart – Forest and the climate change” was developed as an unique educational initiative for the Bulgarian kids. All activities were implemented within the courtyards of the primary schools and kindergartens which was the only option to interact with them at this period.

Each activity started by explaining to children the difference between climate and weather, why climate is changing and what are the consequences of that. A lot of examples where given with improper human activities and what we may cause to nature by our activities.

The green gas effect and the needed actions to mitigate it was presented in a quite attractive for kids game and all of them were able to be either the earth-keepers or the greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere.

In addition, all the kids were able to be fireman fighting against a heavy forest fire. Kids were successful in their activity but understood how heavy work it is and what a dramatic consequence might have our carelessness.

In only three months the climate caravan visited 59 schools and kindergarten spread around 7 regions in Bulgaria, and more that 3500 kids and their teachers and parents were able to participate in the activities.

This is not the end of the story. In the beginning of the present School year the initiative developed into “Forestry stories in a caravan” and will continue to present the important role of forests for the mitigation of climate change as well as the necessity of multifunctional forestry so to be able to have resilient forests.

This autumn the initiative was nominated for a best Biodiversity initiative in the country.

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