Forests create bridges – Forests link
“Pigman’s detectives” programme is globally recognised as one of the best practicies in forest education
22. November 2019
FCN Subgroup Forestpedagogy meets in Ljubljana
15. December 2019

Forests create bridges – Forests link

Author: Serge Hermes, Nature and forest discovery Centre Burfelt LU, Luxembourg
Place: Luxembourg – Burfelt, 5th - 6th octobre 2019

I n accordance with this slogan, the organisators of this years „ Forest WE“ have immerged the visitors into a thousand-year-old connection between humans and forests.

Forests produce oxygen and contribute to carbon storage. Forests are important habitats for multiple species of fauna and flora. Forests attract visitors in search of recreation and a growing range of leisure activities. Forests can be managed and harvested to produce forest biomass, which can be made into a wide range of products. Forests offer important opportunities for job creation. Forests are multifuntional.

8 national & international experts of the following different thematic areas: forestry, nature protection, forestpedagogy, wood industrie and hunting have discussed during a talkround about the big challenges, our forests are facing.

Organisators: Nature & Forest Discovery Centre Burfelt & Association „Bûcherons du Nord“

Participants: Thomas Baschny (Austria), Martin Levin (Germany), Frank Wolter ( Director Nature & Forest Agency LU), Roger Schauls ( Nature protection org. LU), Raymond Beffort (Wood Industrie LU), Simone Dauphin (Education LU), Winfried Von Loë (Private Forestry LU), Marc Reiter (Hunters LU)

Moderator: Michel Leytem (Prosilva LU)

Introduction and conclusions: Serge Hermes (head of nature and forest discovery Centre Burfelt LU)

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