System of education of forest pedagogues in the Czech Republic
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System of education of forest pedagogues in the Czech Republic

Authors: Lada Matoušková Prylová, Czech Republic

S pecialists with forest education or practice in forestry, who have successfully completed a forest pedagogy course, can become forest pedagogues.

In the course, foresters learn principles of pedagogy, psychology and didactics, and prepare for working in the forest with the public, especially with school collectives (kindergartens, primary and secondary schools). The first forest pedagogues in the Czech Republic were trained in 2002.

Since 2007, there is an additional extension course available, which is determined for basic course graduates. In the extension course, they improve their knowledge and skills at working with other target groups – adult persons, groups with specific educational needs, and seniors. Both courses include not only theory but also practical training activities.

In the last 10 years, more than 800 new forest pedagogues were trained (in the basic course) originating from different types of forest organizations (urban forests, state forests, students from forest schools, state organizations etc.). The content of the courses is based on the European project PAWS – Pedagogic activities in forest (Pädagogische Arbeit im Wald) – Concept of seminar for foresters.

After completion of the course, the forest pedagogues can continue their education and share their experience at workshops for forest pedagogues that are held twice a year.


Basic course of forest pedagogy, August 2019. Photo: Pavla Slavíčková


Extension course of forest pedagogy, August 2019. Source:


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