Report about the UNECE / FAO Forest Communicators Network – Annual Meeting
Invitation to 13th European Forest Pedagogics Congress 2018
21. May 2018
Knowledge and spirit of competition meet in the forest game
8. June 2018

Report about the UNECE / FAO Forest Communicators Network – Annual Meeting

Netherlands, 22nd to 24th May 2018
Author: Thomas Baschny, Federal Ministry of Sustainability and Tourism, Austria

T he meeting took place from 22nd to 24th of May 2018 in Wageningen (Netherlands) at the University Forum Campus. 21 participants attended the meeting.

Steering Group member Thomas Baschny from Austria attended the meeting He presents the annual report about the activities and achievements of the FCN Sub Group Forest Pedagogics. He gave an overview about the annual FP-Congresses and the next steps.

The (FCN) network started 1992 in Rio de Janeiro with the overall objective to help the Forest Sector to communicate. Actual the network consists of 200 members from 40 Countries. (40 Governmental Org. and NGO´s)

The FCN received a new mandate for two years (01st of January 2018 – 31st of December 2019) – so also the FCN Sub group FP received the new mandate.

Kai Lintunen from the Finish Forest Association was elected as new Chair of FCN. The former long term Chair Ingwald Gschwandtl (Austrian Federal Ministry for Sustainability and Tourism) will be retired in 2019 and is not any more available.

The FAO finalized a Forest Communication Toolkit. This kit is available for all users for free with key messages, photos and presentations. Also useful for Forest Pedagogues. Link:

The International day of forests on 21st of March 2019 will be under the title “Forest and Education”. A lot of activities (especially in Geneva) in Europe are foreseen and the Forest Pedagogues can help and support this day

The European Forest Week 2019 will take place in October or November in Russia.

During the two meeting’s days, the participants shared their experience, ideas and further plans on communication. Short workshops collected the ideas and further steps. So important things are to promote sustainable forest management, using wood and other products made of wood, the better (positive) image of Foresters and of our sector. In addition, Cooperation’s with other sectors are necessary.

The next FCN meeting 2019 will take place in Krasnojarsk (Sibira – Russia).

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