16th European Forest Pedagogics Congress 2022
Highlight of the 20th anniversary of the forestry pedagogy celebrations was the international conference
5. October 2021
Forest biodiversity preservation on the example of forest pedagogy activities – Slovakia
15. November 2021

16th European Forest Pedagogics Congress 2022


ow to learn in and with nature in times of climate crisis? European perspectives and solutions

Zürich, Switzerland, 11th – 13th may 2022
It is undisputed that education must contribute to combating climate change. It is also clear that environmental education is predestined for this. This is especially true for Forestpedagogy and nature-based environmental education.

But what can we do this and how can it be effective?
  • What does contemporary Forestpedagogy look like in times of climate change? What projects, programmes and approaches are there?
  • How can/should forestpedagogic offers be designed so that they make a contribution against climate change? And how can they be further developed?
  • How can insights from climate education enrich the Forestpedagogic methodology?

These and similar questions will be raised and discussed at the European Forest Pedagogics Congress 2022.

Registration for the Congress will open in mid-December 2021
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