The Forestry Extension Institute in Ethiopia
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12. October 2018
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The Forestry Extension Institute in Ethiopia

Author: Bjørnstad Bjørn Helge, Forestry Extension Institute, Norway

T he Forestry Extension Institute is participating in a big project in Ethiopia, where one of the aims is to add increased knowledge about the forest and all its products and functions, to schools.
All schools in Ethiopia already have an environmental club working on several themes, but the main emphasis is hygiene and sanitation. Teachers we have worked with are positive and believe that Learning with the Forest will be a useful supplement to existing education. They like the way we work with outdoor education and practical activities.

During the project period, we will develop a locally-adapted teaching plan with teachers and education authorities and to educate teachers who can teach other teachers. The aim is that Learning with the forest is established and disseminated to more schools than those participating in the project.

The Forestry Extension Institute is a partner in a collaborative project with NORSKOG, NIBIO and Skogselskapet. The main project is about forest landscape restoration, and Skogkurs is part of the education and training of children and farmers, and general information to the general public.

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