The Subgroup is developing a report concerning the following three working-fields and the respective measures.
The results are reported periodically to the FCN.
The FCN has the task to report the results and findings to the SFC and the AGFC.

A. Compile best-practise-examples on forest related environmental education

A.1. Development of a questionnaire, carrying out a European-wide survey
A.1. Evaluation of the survey; supplementary research project; report

B. Elaborate common principles and quality standards

B.1: Further development of the existing working document (definition, principles, objectives)
B.2: Collection of the different qualification- and certification- concepts or -strategies

C. Develop a European Forest Pedagogics cooperation-concept

C.1: Enforcement of the Networks duties by periodical meetings or working groups
C.2: Establishment of an Internet-contact- and information-platform (web-site)
C.3: Organisation of an annual international FP-congress
C.4: Support of the International Year of Forests and European Forest Weeks