FP has a huge potential to contribute to the objectives of the EU-FAP.

There is high relevance to the objectives 2 and 3:

  • Improving and protecting the environment
  • Contributing to the quality of life

There is also a relevance to the objectives 4 and 1:

  • Fostering coordination and communication
  • Improving long-term competitiveness

The wealth of experiences made and lessons learned with FP in various countries provides an excellent basis for development further the concept and promoting it throughout the European region. The EU - Forest Action Plan particularly through its key action 10

  • Encourage environmental education and information

calls for specific activities in this regard.

The working programme (2007 – 2011) for the implementation of the FAP (key action 10) of the SFC (Standing Forestry Commission) covers the following two activities:

  • 10.1: Exchange experience between MS on environmental education and information campaigns
  • 10.2: Review activities of MS in promoting education on sustainable forest

The working programme (2007 – 2011) also indicates that the Forest Communicators network (FCN) should be the instrument to exchange views and report results into the SFC (AGFC). Therefore the FCN founded the FCN Subgroup Forest Pedagogics at its meeting in Bilbao, may 2008.