6th European Forest Pedagogics Congress 2011 in Freising

Germany, Freising 24. – 27. July 2011
"Forest pedagogics – thinking global, acting local"


During the congress up-to-date concepts, research results and latest developments in the fields of forest pedagogics and Education for Sustainable Development were discussed. Experts from various nationalities presented their approaches to forest pedagogics with – hopefully – various benefits for the field work of the participants.

The congress was approved to be an official contribution to the UN-decade "Education for Sustainable Development" by the German commission of UNESCO.
The 160 participants from 18 states agreed upon, that ...

Forestpedagogy in Europe is challenged ...

  • to think and act global in its activities or projects.
    This can especially be done by implementing the criteria of ESD (f.e. competences of acting, global fairness, .. ) and by focussing on worldwide-relevant and forest/forestry-related topics (f.e. climate change, forestry and nature-conservation, water, energy).
  • to increase networking and coorporation with organisations and actors of all sectors of sustainable development (ecological, ecconomical, social, cultural).
  • to continue and develop further its efforts in forestpedagogy-research and -evaluation-studies.
  • to pursue the european process of coorporation and experience exchange, coordinated by the subgroup-FP-FCN (common objectives, annual congress, common quality standards, coherent concept).


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