4th European Forestpedagogics Congress

Lyss, Switzerland, October 2009
"Results and prospects"

Forestpedagogics is needed – it is establishing itself and it is being considered by townsmen as indispensable, but more and more also by decision makers and opinion leaders.

We should consolidate on purpose and definition of Forestpedagogics.

Our European forestpedagogics network is now ready to be permanent discussion forum.

It is obvious: it no longer can only be all about, to generate a "positive attitude towards the, to explain forest and forestry...Because: Not the forest is the aim, but it is a mean to serve the people!

In fact it is about to let the people take part in our "understanding of sustainability", thus to "teach sustainability" at the example of the forest!

Therefore a new ambitious aim for forestpedagogics is important: The sustainable acting person. That is a quite good basis to enable the people to take on responsibility for themselves, for the fellow man and for the nature. Logically consistent forestpedagogics then would have to be defined as "forest-related education for sustainability" which conveys the long-term, holistic and public welfare oriented aspects of sustainability at a local, regional and global level.

Forestpedagogy has to cooperate with the school-education

Let us enforce our role as "junior partner" of the national education system, because terms like "alianation from nature", "sensory overload", "pauperisation of social competences", "loss of values", "lack of prospects", "violence"... characterize the contemporary discussion about the situation even at our schools.

Almost every offered category is adressed to pupil – rightly as I might add. This work is not restricted to a certain knowledge transfer. Because: At the "green classroom" rises the fun that can go along with learning. Here a networked interdisciplinary learning becomes concrete and you can really take things up. Prompt the forest offers different ways to deal with accumulated aggressions or hidden fears.

Forestpedagogics has to become a subject of EU-policy

Based upon the forest action plan and especially it's key action 10 "Encourage environmental education and information" we should do everything to make forestpedagogics a subject of EU-policy. The planed meatings on forestpedagogics of the FCN-Subgroup Forest related environmental education will serve for this purpose. Also within the the Union of European forester we want to emphasise this position of forestpedagogics as part of the EU-policy.


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