3rd European Forestpedagogy Congress

Burfelt, Luxembourg, 11th-13th June 2008

Due to the Invitation of the Luxembourg Department of the Environment, the forestry field office Wiltz and the forest discovery centre Burfelt (host) as well as of the initative group Forestpedagogics.eu 61 participants out of 10 states (A, B, CH, CZ, D, F, HU, L, PL, SK) gathered.

They discussed questions and problems of the European Forestpedagogics in the meeting languages English, French and German (with simultaneous translation).

And this was the course:

June 11th , 2008

Most participants arrived and registered theselves till 18o'clock. They accommodated themselves and had then a casual "regular forestpedagogical get-together".

June 12th , 2008

In the morning the participants hat the the opportunity to "wood chin-wag", to have a look at the put up poster-presentations and to exchange leaflets and booklets...ono results, projects and programmes... A lot of attention as well as interest attracted the presented forestpedagogical appliences out of Brandenbourg (D).

After the official opening and welcoming by the Luxembourg hosts the ceremony "15 years Forest discovery centre Burfelt" followed.

The Forest discovery centre was presented as well as the nature experience centre strategies introduced to the Luxembourg forest administration.

After lunch the coordinator of the Europe network forestpedagogics.eu Thomas Baschny (A) opened the convention with his lecture "European Forestpedagogics has a future - capable of politics and purposeful". Hethereby elaborated on the so far accomplished.

  • Lectures on the following topics were extensively discussed :
  • wood relevant ESD projects with schools (L)
  • Forestpedagogics from the point of view of forest owner (A)
  • Forestpedagogics and ESD (D)
  • Forest politicy and forestpedagogics (D)
  • School and wood (F)
  • 16th European wood theatre (B)
  • Forestpedagogics on forest week (SK)

Afterwards the Luxembourg Department of the Environment invited to dinner which was followed by an exchange of experience and information as well as a comfortable get-together with many first conversations where the participants got to know each other better at the forest discovery centre.

June 13th, 2008

In the morning of the excursion day the participants were divided into 2 groups. All participants pass all the points of the excursion (solar boat, wood experience centre and nature reserve Pont Misere) aternately.

Before lunch the "European wood" was planted collectively at the Sauer reservoir (many participants had brought wood plants from their home country).

After the continuation of the excursions in the afternoon the offical closure of the convention followed at Lultzhausen (place of convention).

Network coordinator Thomas Baschny looked forward optimisticly look in his completion talk to the front: What can we expect from the forestpedagogical field within the next weeks and months, what will bring us the future? Which important tasks are to be solved conjointly and which claims are to be made?

He introduces first factual scheduled considerations in order to establish a "European forestpedagogical work schedule" and asked all participants for additions up to the 31st of July 2008.

The hosts plan on to create a conference volume in form of a CD-rom.

The next European forestpedagogics convention in 2009 is to be held in Switzerland.